Monday, December 30, 2013


For all those who love the special congested, loud, and clear celebrations to mark the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another, I absolutely do not mean to take away from such demonstra- tions of joyfulness; go out and be as joyful and crazy as you want (but please drive care- fully). My retrospective is merely that, a different look at the symbolism of the day, at what it could mean…WHENEVER we truly want it to.

It all began with thoughts of yet another New Year’s Eve on my own; not that I’m complaining all that much. I’ve done the big hoopla, the wild club scenes to the house parties with the hats and whistles. From my own perspective, I have always found those whistles to trill hollowly…found those celebrations to be so forced…too desperate.

That’s when I realized…there are few people who aren’t desperate to change their lives, or at least some aspect of their lives, (myself included) and these boisterous fĂȘtes are merely the external form of an internal desire.

And while the last 15 years of my life have been extremely challenging (hell, most of my life), I don’t need the big celebration to wish it to be better, I don’t need one particular day to turn it around…I only need the will to make it happen and the belief that I have the power to do it.

I have never been more willful about anything ever before. 2014 will be my pivotal year. I will be making changes in aspects of my life that some may find shocking. But most of all, I will be the master of all facets of my life…I will take command. And in doing so, I will create in me the power to do it.

So what is this rant really about…that we, as individuals and as an organic being called a society, possess the control to live the lives that we want, and the power to make it happen, for ourselves and those around us. Our desires for better lives should not just be for ourselves but for those with whom we share this world. And we can start on ANY DAMN DAY WE CHOOSE. We just have to make the conscious choice to do it!

After writing all this it occurs to me that New Year’s Day has done exactly what it is meant to do: I’ve looked at my life ‘from both sides now’ and I can see clearly what I want it to be, what I’m willing to do to make it happen, and how joyful I will be when it does happen. I wish to all who read this the same, no matter how you wish to celebrate it, I wish for your lives to be exactly what you want them to be and, most importantly, I wish you the inner power to make it happen.

Happy New Life!


JM said...

Put it in gear.....and drive. Go you...

Donna Russo Morin said...

Thank you, JM!